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Freedom gives us the ability to think for ourselves.  Some people don’t have the opportunity to think for themselves, because they have no freedom.  Students have the freedom to become successful students, but some choose not to.  That is their freedom, to choose the right or wrong.  Some students who don’t want to “Choose The Right”, sometimes give up their freedom, by getting into trouble with their parents, school, or even with the law, and those students will be punished, by being; grounded, suspended, expelled, put in jail, or something worse.

“Student, or people in general, who choose to have freedom, are students/people who choose the right.”-Carlos A.

Academic Champions are students who choose the right and decide to have freedom, they have the freedom to become what ever they want.  They have the freedom to become who ever they want to become.  Students who choose the right, and choose to be free, are the most successful students, because students who choose the wrong can’t succeed in life, or school, because they’re in trouble all the time and no one can be successful if they are in jail, grounded, expelled or suspended from school.

Students who choose the right choose to hold on to their freedom.  Without freedom, students can only go so far, but with it, they have the opportunity to exceed expectations, and go beyond what any one has ever thought of going.  Freedom is why people come to the U.S. they receive the freedom to learn, work, and just about anything else they want to do, because they have the freedom to do what they please. (within reason, of course.)

Freedom is very underappreciated, but if you want to keep it, always…



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